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Upholstery Arrangements

The prices for chairs, sofas and stools quoted on the website are for the frame price only.  However we can also arrange upholstery for you in a fabric of your choice.  You can check the upholstery price for each chair form the product page for that chair.  You will first need to choose a frame colour - light, medium or rich - in the drop-down menu and you can the select the upholstery option. 


Fabric Choices

Our main supplier for fabrics is Ross Fabrics.  You can view their range of fabrics on their website www.rossfabrics.co.uk  Their website shows all their ranges, but every pattern and colour option within that.  Please give us a call and we can confirm what colours are available and arrange physical samples as well if required.

 If you don't see the style that you are after, we can also arrange upholstery in a fabric that you have sourced separately.  If you would like to supply your own fabric, please give us a call and we can give you a revised upholstery quote excluding fabric.

As well as fabrics we can also upholster in leatherette, either with Ross Fabrics or using Cleopatra, which matches with the tops on our partner desks.

Finally we can also upholster in genuine leather.  We will need to quote depending on the particular chairs that you are considering as the leather is sourced by the hide.  We normally source from Wildman & Bugby and you can see their range of leather finishes and colours at their website www.wildmanandbugby.co.uk


Who carries out the upholstery?

Our upholstery is carried out by the Upholstery Rooms, a member of the Association of Master Upholsterers, who are based near us in Alton.  You can find out more information about their work on their website www.upholsteryrooms.co.uk   All work is carried out in the UK to ensure that the work and all materials comply with UK fire regulations.  If you need upholstery to Crib 5 standard for hotel or commercial projects, we can also arrange this for you.


How long does upholstery take?

Once your frames are in stock, it will take about two weeks depending on the size of project.